Open Questions: Star Birth Image Gallery

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Supernova remnant menagerie
Spitzer Captures Fruits of Massive Stars' Labors
'Galactic Ghoul' Rears Its Spooky Head
PIA05062: The Tarantula Nebula
PIA05266: Spitzer Telescope Sends A Rose For Valentine's Day
(NGC 7129)
Gemini Observatory Welcomes the New Year with Galactic Fireworks
(NGC 6946)
Spitzer Finds Stellar 'Incubators' with Massive Star Embryos
Symphony of colours in the Tarantula
Stellar Jewels Shine in New Spitzer Image
(RCW 49)
NASA Creates Portrait of Life and Death in the Universe
(Henize 206)
Hyperactive galaxy NGC 7673
Thackeray's Globules in IC 2944
A Giant Star Factory in Neighboring Galaxy NGC 6822
A Galaxy Blazes With Star Formation
Hubble's Panoramic Portrait of a Vast Star-Forming Region
Massive Infant Stars Rock their Cradle
"X" Marks the Spot: Hubble Sees the Glow of Star Formation in a Neighbor Galaxy
Hubble Peeks into a Stellar Nursery in a Nearby Galaxy
Fireworks of Star Formation Light Up a Galaxy
Star Birth in the Trifid Nebula


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