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Relativity and Gravitation

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Black holes

The cosmological constant

Gravitational waves


Quantum gravity

Tests of relativity and gravity

Alternative theories of gravity

Relativity and time

Why is gravity so weak?

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Recommended references: Magazine/journal articles

Recommended references: Books

Recommended references: Web sites

Site indexes

Open Directory Project: Relativity
Categorized and annotated links. A version of this list is at Google, with entries sorted in "page rank" order.
The Net Advance of Physics: Gravitation
An index of tutorial and research articles located at the physics preprint archive.
General Relativity Around the World
Links to resrouces dealing with general relativity by the NCSA Relativity Group.
Relativity on the World Wide Web
Extensive, annotated list of links, originally by Chris Hillman, now maintained by John Baez.
Syracuse University Relativity Bookmarks
Very long categorized but unannotated list of links.
Relativity and Black Hole Links
Annotated list, by Andrew Hamilton.
Yahoo Relativity Links
Annotated list of links.
Galaxy: Relativity
Categorized site directory. Entries usually include descriptive annotations.

Sites with general resources

International Numerical Relativity Group Home Page
Home page of the NCSA Relativity Group. Many resources on computational relativity. See especially their Numerical Relativity Exhibitions.
Institute for Gravitational Physics & Geometry
Penn State U. research group that works mainly on quantum gravity and gravitational waves. The site includes information on their research and external links.
Cardiff University Relativity Group
Research group which is part of the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University (Wales). Pages describe research interests and include links to related information.
Hyperspace General Relativity Hypertext
From the University of British Columbia general relativity and cosmology group. Contains a variety of resources and directories for preprints, online journals, relativity researchers.
Analog models of General Relativity
Hope page for a conference held in October 2000 which dealt with physical systems that satisfy the equations of general relativity.

Surveys, overviews, tutorials

General relativity
Article from Wikipedia. See also Gravity.
General Relativity & Black Holes
Good explanations and external links, part of Gene Smith's Astronomy Tutorial.
The Mystery of Gravity
Very good introductory discussion of gravity, with frequently asked questions, at the Astronomy Cafe.
Cambridge Relativity Public Home Page
Contains a series of good tutorial pages on various aspects of relativity and cosmology, including information on black holes and quantum gravity.
Usenet Relativity FAQ
Very good collection of articles and links. This version is not up-to-date. The Relativity FAQ is now maintained as part of the Physics FAQ.
Relativity at the centenary
January 2005 article from Physics World, by Clifford M. Will. "Gravitational physics has become a truly experimental science as tests of the special and general theories of relativity reach new levels of precision."
General Relativity Tutorial
Excellent technical introduction to general relativity by John Baez.
Reflections on Relativity
Hypertext/HTML book on special and general relativity at Kevin Brown's Much of the content does not involve highly technical math.
Relativity Tutorial
Popular tutorial by Ned Wright.
Theory: Special Relativity
Elementary overview of the special theory of relativity, from the SLAC theory pages.
Generally Speaking: A Primer on General Relativity
Single-page explanation of the difference between special and general relativity, from an interview of Sean Carroll.
Exploring Gravity
A tutorial by Mariusz Kovler
Lecture Notes on General Relativity
From a course on general relativity at MIT by Sean M. Carroll. The notes are in Postscript format. Page includes links to other sites on general relativity.
Lecture Notes on General Relativity
Another set of lecture notes, in Postscript format, by Petr Hadrava.
Tensors and Relativity
An online course by Peter Dunsby
Cosmic Plug Holes and Warp Drive
Deals with both black holes and wormholes.
Differential Geometry and General Relativity
Lecture notes by Stefan Waner. Technical mathematics.
Spacetime Wrinkles
Excellent multimedia site created by the National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA). Provides an overview of general relativity, black holes, gravity waves, numerical relativity, and other topics on relativity.
The Light Cone
Subtitled "an illuminating introduction to relativity". Several pages introducing some of the ideas of special and general relativity, by Roberto B. Salgado. Contains a few external links.
General Relativity and Cosmology
Overview in outline form of some topics in general relativity, by Jess Brewer.
Ask a High-Energy Astronomer: Relativity
Common questions, with answers, provided by NASA's Ask a High-Energy Astronomer service.
Gravity's Century: 1901-2001
Slide presentation given by Stanley Deser at the 2001: A Spacetime Odyssey conference.
Relativity and FTL Travel
Frequently asked questions about relativity and faster-than-light travel, by Jason Hinson.
Some Scientifically Inaccurate Claims Concerning Cosmology and Relativity
Detailed explanations of the errors of some claims to refute some aspect of cosmology or relativity, by Chris Hillman.

Recommended references: Magazine/journal articles

Recommended references: Books

Tony Hey, Patrick Walters -- Einstein's Mirror
Cambridge University Press, 1997
The authors provide a very elementary introduction to some of the ideas of the special and general theories of relativity. The emphasis is on pictures and anecdotes to provide some historical and cultural flavor of the subject, but all of the mathematics required for actual understanding is omitted.
A. Zee -- An Old Man's Toy: Gravity at Work and Play in Einstein's Universe
Collier Books, 1989
Nontechnical survey of various topics in physics as they relate to gravity.
Michael Friedman -- Foundations of Space-Time Theories: Relativistic Physics and Philosophy of Science
Princeton University Press, 1983
Provides a philosphical analysis of the conceptual foundations of general relativity, but covers a good deal of technical physics and mathematics.


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